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Reduce Energy

The rising cost of electricity is a concern to everyone and we should all make an effort to reduce energy usage not just to save money…but also to help our planet!

Ways to utilize energy effectively and still achieve satisfactory results:


  1. If you normally use hot water then try warm water, and if you use warm water then try cold water. Hot water (50+ C) should only be used for heavily soiled clothes or if there’s illness in the family
  2. When using room temperature water (your normal tap water) pay attention to the instructions on the detergent package. Laundry detergent should always be added to the washing machine before the clothes or alternatively pre-dissolved in warm or hot water before adding to the washing machine. This is especially important in cold water washing to prevent problems of residue on fabrics and in the washing machine.
  3. Read carefully the usage instructions on the package. Start with the recommended amount of detergent. Use more if you have hard water, have a larger load or clothes are heavily soiled.
  4. Use OxyMagic to pre-treat or presoak stains and heavy soiling prior to washing.
  5. Choose a wash time and cycle suitable for the type of wash load. Match the water level to the load size.
  6. Most homes do not need to launder clothes every day. Try to wash a full load but don’t overload the washing machine. Overloading reduces the cleaning action of the washing machine.
  7. If the washer has a water return system, reuse the wash water for additional loads. Start with the most lightly soiled items first and the recommended amount of detergent. Add more detergent for each additional load.
  8. Use cold water for the Rinse cycle. Use a high spin speed for highly absorbent items to help reduce drying time.

Drying (for Washer/Dryer or Dryer Machine)

  1. Separate lightweight and heavyweight items for faster and more uniform drying.
  2. Dry full loads as small loads waste energy. Don’t overload the dryer – the load should tumble freely for fast, wrinkle-free drying. Don’t add wet items to a partially dried load.
  3. Don’t overdry. Besides wasting energy, overdrying can give a harsh feel to some items and produce shrinkage in others.
  4. Don’t let garments remain in the dryer after it has shut off. This can cause wrinkling, especially in permanent press articles (making ironing necessary).